Kelly Ripa's Shocking Weight Loss - The Enquirer, January 10, 2005

Her stick-thin figure on holiday getaway shocks observers.

Kelly Ripa shocked observers during a holiday getaway with her stick-thin bony body.
The 34-year-old star turned heads with her near-skeletal bikini-clad figure at the posh Four Seasons Resort on the island of Nevis - and insiders fear she's gone overboard with her weight loss after going through three pregnancies in seven years and battling to save her marriage.

Wasting Away

The Enquirer was on hand to capture the most revealing photos ever of the "Live With Regis and Kelly" co-host as she relaxed with her husand Mark Consuelos, their three children and another couple.
"Kelly Ripa looked like she was wasting away!" a shocked eyewitness told The Enquirer. "She's nothing but skin and bones.
Another onlooker, an island regular who's seen Kelly and her family vacationing in Nevis before, told The Enquirer: "Kelly has lost a lot of weight since the last time she's been here."
"You can practically see her ribs and the bones in her arms. Her face and cheeks are sunken in."
Another hotel guest told The Enquirer: "Some of the guests who recognized Kelly couldn't believe how skinny she's become. She's way too thin."
To get an expert opinion on Kelly's health, The Enquirer showed her bikini photos to a leading physician.
Dr. Damon Raskin, who practices in Pacific Palisades, Calif., and is board-certified in internal medicine, told The Enquirer: "Kelly does look very thin. You can see her ribs protruding. Her stomach looks a bit distended."

Weight Plunge

"Her chest is bony, as if there might be some muscle wasting - but it's hard to comment on any specific medical diagnosis without having treated her."
5'4" Kelly looks like she has plunged to her lowest weight ever - but her shockingly thin body shouldn't be a surprise, says a family friend.
Kelly juggled her jobs on "Live" and the primetime sitcom "Hope & Faith" with playing single mom while her husband Mark filmed in Canada last summer - and pals say she hit the roof when he was spotted out with his gorgeous co-star Vivica A. Fox.

Run Ragged

"It's no wonder Kelly is so skinny right now," the family friend told The Enquirer.
This past summer, she ran herself ragged because she didn't have Mark around to take care of the kids.
"That put a lot of stress on Kelly and meanwhile, she continued to lose weight.
"I think she was intent on getting slimmer so she would look hotter and sexier."
Kelly's drastic weight loss began after her first pregnancy when she gained 65 pounds. She ballooned to 170 pounds and viewers of her hit soap "All My Children" wrote nasty letters about her weight.
After her son Michael was born in June 1997, she dieted with vengeance.
"Kelly took her dieting to an extreme," said the family friend.
"But weight has always been a big issue with Kelly.

Vicious Cycle

"For example, she puts on a ton of weight when she's pregnant, then she goes on a crash diet where she'll lose all the weight she gained and more.
"Then she'd get pregnant again - and repeat the vicious cycle all over!
"It's like she's on this roller coaster she can't get off.
"It can't be food for her and I think, deep down, she knows it. But it's as if she can't control it.
"On many occasions, I've seen her pass by a mirror, stop and sneer in disgust at her reflection.
"She'll exclaim, 'God, I look so fat!' And this was when she was thin!"

Chartered Plane

Kelly planned a family vacation in Nevis for the holidays. She and her family and another couple flew by chartered plane from New York to the island of St. Kitts on December 18. From there they took a boat to Nevis.
But Kelly's eating habits remained the same on vacation. She only picked at her food one evening, while other guests feasted on a gourmet holiday spread.
"A few nights before Christmas, Kelly, Mark, their children and their friends hit the nightly hotel buffet," said a hotel guest.
"There was an incredible five-star spread of delicious cuisine. The others chowed down, but Kelly only picked at her food on her plate."
Meanwhile, Kelly's super-skinny appearance had observers buzzing. While some thought she'd been exercising, other's thought she was downright emaciated.
Kelly has repeatedly denied working out, but she hit the gym at the Four Seasons on December 19.
And the hotel guest said: "Kelly appears to have a six-pack stomach and massive pectoral muscles, but on her back you can see her ribs poking out through her skin.
"To get those muscular arms, she's either been pumping iron or carrying her kids around all day."
And her children - Michael, 7, Lola, 3, and 22-month-old Joaquin - remained the focus of Kelly's attention on vacation.
"Kelly thought a family trip to Nevis would be good for her and Mark. It's one of their favorite destinations," said a source.
"Kelly and Mark stayed in a huge villa in the exclusive Sunset Hill Estates area of the Four Seasons.
"It's situated on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea and has a wraparound porch.

Fancy Villa

"The villa comes stocked with food and all the provisions necessary for the two-week stay. A gourmet Four Seasons chef is at their disposal to cook - and they have two golf carts to get back and forth from the beach.
"The first night they arrived they were supposed to go to Sunshine's, a popular beach hangout next door to the Four Seasons. But it was raining, so Mark and his pal stopped into the bar to pick up some dirnks to go."
A regular at Sunshine's told The Enquirer, "Kelly and Mark came into Sunshine's on Sunday night with another couple.
They sat down at a table and ordered a few drinks. The men smoked cuban cigars while Kelly and her lady friend talked.
"But Kelly and Mark acted differently toward eachother than they have in the past. They appeared cold - and rarely made eye contact."
Added a hotel source: "Kelly and Mark had a regular routine. They usually arrived at th beach at 9 a.m. and left by noon to return to their villa.
"But for the few first days it seemed as if Mark spent more time with his buddy than he did with his wife and kids. He went to lunch with his buddy and walked the beach with him.
"Most of the time Kelly was carrying around her kids from the pool to the beach and back. She looked haggard.
"One time the whole gang was putting on their life jackets to ride on a large tube being pulled by a motorboat.
"Mark didn't help Kelly put on her jacket - and she had to put on their youngest son's life jacket.
"When the baby started to cry, Kelly decided they weren't going to go out in the water.
"She took off her life jacket and her kids' life jacket and went back to her beach chair to sit down. Meanwhile, Mark just stood there. Finally, after Kelly handed him the baby, he pitched in to help.
"After the baby calmed down, Kelly and her friend took the kids walking on the beach to find seashells.
"This gave Mark and his buddy time to sneak away for a quick bite to eat at Sunshine's.
"After lunch Mark took their oldest son out in the water on a canoe for about 30 minutes.
"Kelly was left chasing the other two kids around the beach - and she didn't look happy.
"On the third day Mark and Kelly took a walk on the beach about 8:30 a.m.
"They stopped for a minute to talk, then he bent over and kissed her, but it was just a peck on the cheek. She didn't kiss him back and they didn't hold hands or anything.
"It was weird. They acted more like brother and sister than husband and wife."

By Alan Butterfield, Michael Glynn and Robin Mizrahi.

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